Friday, 15 March 2013

Posted by Kathie on 23:26 1 comment
I haven't tried out dotting before and I thought I'd use the biggest of my dotting tools for this one. New polishes, Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue and Rimmel Misty Jade. I like the colours together so I thought I'd see what this looked like.


Three coats of each colour then dotted each colour on top. Quick drying and seem to be holding fast so far. :) I like them.

Also, whilst I'm here, I did my Mum's nails earlier, they could have gone better but this is what she wanted. I did a simple french manicure followed by stamping the little flower design with Sally Hansen Gray by Gray and then adding three little dots to finish it off. I wanted to try silver but Mum wanted this one. Ho hum, she's happy so I am :)