Thursday, 21 March 2013

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I was originally not going to post this until I had a bit more time but I have been tempted by the awesome posts of some notably talented people. Please click links at the side to see their awesome works of nailart. :)

So, today I went to an outlet shopping mall with my Mum and there was a Next! We popped in for a browse and I spotted nail varnishes! Dangerous. I didn't realise Next sold w7 but they had a huge range and a load of suede effect ones which I'd been meaning to try out (the effect mainly, not necessarily the w7 ones). Well I decided to treat myself - they were £2.50 each and I decided I liked the pink the best so I plumped for that one, but the brown and black looked gorgeous too, and the purple... ok they were all nice.

They're great after one coat but I went for two to start off with, they're great to the touch, matte but with a sort of metallic quality about them, if that's a suitable description. I wanted to do something else to it too, simple yet quite striking, and this is what I ended up with;

Below is with two coats of the w7 Pink Suede, before I used masking tape to create the top triangles. Unfortunately it's not a very forgiving polish as my nails are quite brittle at the ends at the moment and this is visible under this polish where it isn't normally with others.

The black I used for the top is Barry M, I used to two coats to fully cover the pink underneath before removing the masking tape. I'm yet to be 100% happy with any of my masking tape designs I think I may need to invest in some less dodgy tape because I always end up with sticky nails afterwards!

I like this, I love the colour of the Suede and I haven't had bright nails for a while so I'm going to see what the wear is like on this polish, hoping to get a couple of days at least.
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  1. Yeah we have the same tape (thankyouuu), I think it's too sticky! Useful in any other situation you might need masking tape, but not for us!
    Pretty design, love that shade of pink! Saw these suede effect polishes in town the other day and wanted to know what they looked like, so yay :-D x

  2. Try sticking the tape to your skin before sticking it to your nails! These look awesome btw :) xoxo