Sunday, 28 April 2013

Posted by Kathie on 21:23 1 comment
I have been super quiet and I am eternally sorry, it's been quite busy in my proper life recently but that is no excuse for neglecting. I've not been neglecting my nails quite as much but I have slowed in the frequency of adding new designs mainly because I've wanted to give my nails a break so they could breathe for a while. This is what I'm wearing at the moment and I'll gradually post the backlog up over the next couple of weeks and if I don't feel free to get on my case.

This is two coats of No.7 Teal and on my ring finger, one coat Teal and one coat of glitter from Claire's Accessories that the lovely Saz @mintnails got me for Christmas!

I was going for something quick and simple because I was going out and the design I tried before this smudged after about 10 minutes so I had to get rid :( I liked it too! Oh well I did manage pictures so I'll post that one next.