Thursday, 28 February 2013

Posted by Kathie on 18:43 4 comments
Inspired by a clingfilm tutorial I read a while back. I used Superdrug's cheap light pink MUA Natural Days and a little Marks and Spencers Bright Pink from a set I got a while back. Then topped off with a new Barry M glitter I got called Pink Sapphire Glitter. It's awesome, I'm really into my glitters that have different sized pieces of glitter in them at the moment. They're gorgeous and I have loads to try out! So here's some pics;

First is before I added the glitter;

Serious love for this, it lasted a fair few days with my Barry M top coat on and the glitter wasn't actually that stubborn to get off! I will definitely be doing this again with different colours.


  1. Love this, definitely like the look of the clingfilm manicure using a really pale and a really bright colour, I will have to try this one again! X

  2. This is so pretty. I haven't tried the clingfilm manicure yet. This has tempted me though. Going to give it a go next week.

  3. Thanks lovely ladies! Saz is right Kay, it does look cool with really contrasting colours but I loved Saz's version with similar colours, its a pretty texture when you do it! :D Can't wait to seeee. xx

  4. I think you've inspired me to try clingfilm. This looks really effective for such a simple method and I love the colours that you've used! xxx