Monday, 11 March 2013

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So I've had a super busy week and thus I haven't had chance to do any nail related things unfortunately. It was good to have a break though, I've let my nails breathe for a few days and they're feeling much better, if not a little battered after my hands-on week camera assisting. 

I did have a lovely delivery of nail varnishes earlier in the week though so to celebrate my last day and getting to work on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway I painted my nails on Friday night and here are the results.

This is Sally Hansen Gray by Gray with SH Gilded Lily on top. I love this. The gilded lily looks gorgeous in all kinds of light. It really shimmers but as you can see from above picture you can still really see the colour underneath when you move your hand. This would look brilliant as a gradient I think.

It's not quite glitter pieces it's lots of tiny differently shaped gold flakes, really pretty. 

And here's Gray by Gray on its own. Really nice, this is after two coats but I was impressed even after just one. Apologies for state of nails and hand, like I said a week of manual labour has caused some damage but I'm all over the hand cream now so they should be good again soon. :) I'll be back soon with some more updates!!

And a little after thought - although it did last quite well considering I worked a 14 hour hands-on day the day after applying (without a top coat may I add) it held quite well. And it's so much easier to remove than normal glitter. Perfect!


  1. Thanksssss! The glitter is gorgeous. Get it get it get it! x