Saturday, 2 March 2013

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I promised myself I'd let my nails breathe for the night and do this tomorrow but I couldn't resist. New polish, Nail Pop, I've got it in two colours so I'll try the other one soon too. I've just gone for the simple nude shade, or "Chino, Shade 7", because I'm working all next week so I need something that is understated and can chip as much as I like without me minding too much. So here's some pictures;

Three coats but it looked great after two, I just needed to do some patching up after my dodgy painting. My nails are pretty short right now too for reason mentioned above. It's quite a nice polish, quick drying, super smooth, no bubbles and glossier than some of my other polishes.

Haven't used a top coat, I might, just to seal it but I'll see tomorrow. Pretty pleased with this, my other shade is a light gray. I bought them to use as base coats for other designs but this one's nice for just an understated coverage whilst I'm playing with cameras next week.

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